Office of Student Engagement

Get to know what we have to offer to round out your life here: learning, leisure, 领导. 也, we offer opportunities to connect you with a variety of experiences ranging from volunteering, planning student events, fostering lifelong learning.


  • Office of Student Engagement
  • 校园中心室. 107

Campus Center Hangouts


Conveniently located outside CC Commons dining area, grab a seat outside on the patio. 也 a great place to 研究 outside or enjoy relaxing around the firepit.


CC Commons is complete with pool tables and is host to a weekly Campus Bingo night. This area is the perfect place to relax or take a break from your studies, it also hosts musical and novelty events.


The  Lounge is the perfect place to kick back, watch your favorite game or TV show, 研究, or meet up with friends. Comfy furniture and multiple TVs make this space ideal for student gatherings. The Lounge is located on the first floor of the Campus Center and is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Student Organization & 领导中心

A hub for all clubs and organizations. Find resources, network, plan events, hold meetings, hang out. 这是你的空间!




领导 Opportunities

The Office of Student Engagement coordinates programs with student organizations, academic schools, other colleges and/or community organizations. The programs enhance student life and help students develop interpersonal skills that last well beyond their college years.

领导 & 学习

These experiences provide, throughout the academic year, students opportunities to learn different 领导 skills through hands-on experiences and by practicing real-world skills.

Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour Award for 领导 & Service to 十大网赌平台推荐

Recognizes graduating 十大网赌平台推荐 students who have demonstrated outstanding student 领导 or have contributed significantly to student life in some way.

Student Government Association

Student Government Association (SGA) is the democratic voice for students 在校园 and serves as a recommending body to the College administration on issues that affect students and student life. 电子邮件sga@pct.Edu连接!



友爱的生活 provides an opportunity for 十大网赌平台推荐 students to get involved in fraternities. The common values of all fraternal organizations include academic excellence, 领导, service and brotherhood. 电子邮件ose@pct.Edu .了解更多 at the community at 十大网赌平台推荐.


取向的领导人 make an enormous impact on the 十大网赌平台推荐 community by welcoming and aiding new students in their transition to college life. Links help to promote a more responsible student body through 领导 development activities and serve as role models for new students. 电子邮件ose@pct.Edu .了解更多.

Campus Center Information Desk Services

Campus Center Information Desk 小时

(秋天 & 春季学期)

  • Monday - Thursday, 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
  • 星期五,8点.m.-8 p.m.
  • Saturday - Sunday, noon-8 p.m.


位于 Hager Lifelong Education Center (LEC), room B1017, the 识别中心 is open Monday - Friday, 8:15 a.m.-4:15 p.m. for the issuance of all student and employee photo ID cards.